Medical Malpractice Insurance
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Cover Me Insurance Agency of NJ Inc., is one of the country’s highest-rated medical malpractice insurance agency. We have been providing unparalleled strength, winning defense, and exceptional solutions to physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers. Cover Me Insurance Agency of NJ Inc. has defended numerous claims and lawsuits, providing the company with unequaled knowledge and experience on handling medical malpractice claims.

Our mission is to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine. As one of the nation’s largest insurer of physicians, hospitals, doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals, we are boldly committed to tirelessly defending, protecting, and rewarding our members with the industry’s most belligerent claims defense, unrivaled protection, and innovational rewards.

Cover Me Insurance Agency of NJ Inc. is one of the leaders in the healthcare malpractice insurance industry. Cover Me Insurance Agency of NJ Inc. continues to offer superior protection and services and to expand its scope to more healthcare providers, hospitals and medical facilities across the country. Cover Me Insurance Agency of NJ Inc. works to improve the environment in which doctors and all health care providers practice and to continue the cause of advocating for physicians and advancing the practice of good medicine.

We’re proud to protect and defend the reputations and assets of our clients who are healthcare providers nationwide. In addition to providing our healthcare professionals with the strongest, most proactive defense available, we also recommend “preventive medicine” through premium risk management tools and education in order to help our clients avoid lawsuits in the first place. Your security is our focus.

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